Our weekly TWA Parent-Toddler Classes are a great opportunity for families to establish a routine with their child and support them in making social connections. Joining a fixed class weekly will help children get comfortable and grow quickly in confidence.

Under the guidance of our well-trained Early Childhood Professionals, we’ll take you and your child on a wonderful sensory discovery journey through sight, sound, touch, smell and taste.

Upcoming Theme for June – August 2019

Inspiration: Our Natural World
This weekly Playgroup series takes children on a voyage through the colours, sights, sounds, textures, environments and inhabitants of the amazing world around us. Session Registration is now available.

Feel the grass in between your toes, the rain on your skin and the smoothness of river rocks in little hands as we create sensory explorations that bring the joys of nature into real life interactions with elements from the rainforests, the beaches, the lakes and skies.

Enjoy light table play investigating the veins of a leaf, watch larger than life projections of rainforest animals or a starfish by the seaside, study the weaves and dew drops in a spider’s web and trace the patterns of an animal’s stripes or spots with little fingers guided by yours.

We also welcome your contributions during this series perhaps collecting some of the natural wonders your child comes across during walks by the beach or play time in the park for materials such as seashells, feathers, wooden objects, pine cones, smooth pebbles, seed pods and all other beautiful tokens from nature that spark intrigue and curiosity.

We look forward to exploring all of the Natural Wonders of the World together! Register online today!