Our weekly Mandarin Class runs every Wednesday from 3.30pm – 4.30pm.
Children aged 2 – 10 are welcome to join our classes.
4 classes per month @ Rp 500k
For registration and more information please drop us a note.

Why Mandarin?

The importance and knowledge of Mandarin especially in today’s business world has seen a significant shift. Businesses around the world who are interested in dealing with China and the Chinese market have an additional advantage if they have Mandarin speaking employees.

Best age to Learn a New Language?

Language skills are always best developed young, as the child’s brain is almost sponge like when it comes to picking up a new language. They are able to catch on faster than any average adult. Hence, we believe in exposing, immersing and starting them young when it comes to learning a new language.

How Do We Conduct Our Lessons?

We understand that Mandarin is not the native tongue for many of our students here in Bali and it might even be something that sounds foreign or strange in the beginning. As such, our lessons are always made fun, light-hearted and enjoyable for the kids. Doing away with worksheets and memorizing, we focus on games, songs and sensory play activities that would allow children to learn through play and experience.

Often, we would use the English Language as a guiding language to give instructions and translation to ease children into activities and ensure that they understand and ultimately have fun. As we all know that learning something new might be daunting, we believe in constant encouragement and giving the children the space to learn at their own pace in their own comfort zone.