Our weekly Capoeira Class runs every Saturday from 10am – 11am.
Children aged 2 – 10 are welcome to join our classes.
4 classes per month @ Rp 500k
Walk-in Rates per class @ Rp160k
For registration and more information please drop us a note.

What is Capoeira?

Capoeira is a Brazilian popular culture manifestation. It is a game with elements of dance, acrobatic and martial arts moves. Rooted in different cultures, mainly Afircan, Capoeira was brought to Brazilian soil during the Colonial period.

Capoeira for Kids – What do they learn?

We will introduce Capoeira to the children in a playful and enjoyable way, developing their motor, cognitive and social skills. Children will learn all about the Capoeira instruments: Berimbau, Atabaque, Pandeiro, Reco-Reco and Agogo. Our instructors will teach the sounds, rhythms, movements and beats of each instrument, respecting the development process of each age range. Making use of class dynamics and games, Capoeira for kids will involve them in fun learning, encourage freedom of expression and identity search.

Collaboration, Participation, Respect and More…

Collaboration is key in Capoeira. Children will learn how to collaborate and participate actively in the Capoeira Circle (Roda de Capoeira). Every child has an active and leading role within the Capoeira Circle, whether it’s playing an instrument, singing or playing games. This encourages the process of developing mature and articulate behaviour in kids. Respect for the other’s moment is always encouraged, not by imposition but by one’s own experience.