Our Senior Kids Programme is an independent programme for children aged 5 to 7 years old.

Senior Kids are our graduating stars! Our Senior Kids programme provides curriculum materials and experiences that adds to the finishing touch of a child’s learning journey at The White Ark. After years of guidance and knowledge gathering, our children are not only academically ready but also – confident, kind, sociable and possess a positive attitude towards learning and life.

At the end of our Senior Kids Programme, the children would have completed their language and numeracy training. They would now possess a good range of skills and knowledge – ready for Grade School. Besides having strong language and communication skills, they are also confident enough to speak in front of the class and actively participate during group discussions. They are able to find information independently to satisfy their curiosity and know how to make observations or draw conclusions from their findings. They have acquired ways to ask questions, solve problems, think out of the box and work well as a team.

We believe that our Senior Kids will step out of The White Ark, reflecting the values of humility, respect and kindness, while possessing a healthy self-esteem, positive self-image, good self-control and a love for learning.

With an educator to child ratio of 1:9, we ensure that every child is thoroughly supported at this age.