Our Playgroup Programme is an independent programme for children aged 18 months to 2 years old.

Children at this age may be nervous about being away from their parents in what would be their “first school experience”. Hence, our Playgroup programme is made flexible, with options for a 2, 3, or 5 day week. This would leave room for your child to ease slowly into a school routine.

Our trained and qualified educators recognize the importance of relationship building and the need to provide a sense of security. We will come alongside parents during this home-to-school transition period, giving useful advice that might help ease your child’s separation anxiety. Close bonding activities and daily routines will give your child a sense of stability and belonging, making The White Ark a cosy space – almost like a home away from home.

Starting from playgroup, we offer a multilingual curriculum focusing on English as the main medium of instruction, with weekly classes introducing children to Bahasa Indonesia, Balinese & Mandarin.

Children are encouraged to explore their environment through a variety of theme-based sensory play activities that fosters language and social development. Emphasis is also placed on developing their gross motor skills through various indoor and outdoor activities.

With an educator to child ratio of 1:4, we ensure that every child is thoroughly supported at this age.