Our Nursery 1 Programme is an independent programme for children aged 2 to 3 years old.

The move from Playgroup to Nursery 1 is an exciting time for both parents and children. You will find that your child is now able to express his/her thoughts through words and display their emotions in many ways.

Our Nursery 1 programme provides a range of creative hands-on activities for your child to explore and discover endless possibilities. We will focus on building language and communication skills, numeracy skills, social and relationship development as well as fostering character and attitude through open-ended provocations that piques the curiosity of children, giving them the freedom to express themselves creatively.

Using activities such as block building & construction, art & craft, music & movement, pretend play, story telling, speech & drama, outdoor play and real life situational practices, we ingrain in our children effective and positive attitudes towards problem solving and self-regulation. We seek to equip them with leadership skills, to be observant, creative, quick-thinking, adaptable and resilient. These cornerstones of character growth will be valuable assets to the children in their lifelong learning journey.

With an educator to child ratio of 1:5, we ensure that every child is thoroughly supported at this age.