Our Junior Kids Programme is an independent programme for children aged 4 to 5 years old.

Children in our Junior Kids Programme will move on from play-based activities to learning activities. By now, they are fully engaged in inquiry-based project work that addresses social, geographical, historical and environmental issues. As their fine motor skills develop, children become more aware of print. They start to show an interest in reading and are able to identify a few letters and words.

Through inquiry project investigations, the children will sharpen scientific skills such as predicting, observing, estimating and measuring. Our educators will facilitate a healthy investigation and discussion, giving children the opportunity to think, question, collect data, analyze answers and evaluate their successes or failures.

Our focus on character building continues, as children learn about team work and the importance of being a team player. They learn how to regulate their emotions positively when faced with difficulties or failures, think out of the box, evaluate options and be persistent in pursuing their goals.

With an educator to child ratio of 1:9, we ensure that every child is thoroughly supported at this age.