At The White Ark – Bali, we strive to nurture a generation of children that stands out and makes a difference. We seek to develop and strengthen their character, build confident communicators, nurture society change-makers and raise inspiring global citizens.

We offer an environment that is beautiful, inspiring and one that piques curiosity in children at every encounter. Taking advantage of the incredible nature and wildlife surrounding us, we will spend plenty of time learning and discovering outdoors.

Our roles as Educators are to inspire, support, nurture and guide. We act as facilitators and mentors, co-learning alongside the children and supporting them with questions that will drive their learning process. In doing so, we allow them to construct their own knowledge and find joy in seeking out answers.

We believe in building a closely knitted community, as we know that learning does not happen in isolation. Hence, we frequently extend warm invitations to families and caregivers to connect with the school to further enrich the children’s learning journey.

We are committed to ensuring that the children will have wide access to a variety of natural, open-ended, recycled materials to support them in developing their skills and expanding their knowledge by pursuing ideas, testing theories, problem solving and researching.

We acknowledge that art, creativity and expression are fundamental in the early years of education – thus providing a platform for the children to express their unique ideas and perspectives of the world.

We view Education as an active discovery of knowledge through various means. Children will have the opportunity to partake in real-life experiences that are tangible, interactive and meaningful.

We will conduct ourselves in a manner reflective of our beliefs – open and warm, honest and trustworthy. Above all else, we stand strongly for the rights of children. Every person – child, parent, caregiver, educator, staff or visitor in our community will be treated with respect.