We Celebrate Differences
Here at The White Ark, differences are celebrated just as similarities are shared. Every child is unique and special, bringing different perspectives to complete the class community. We are confident individuals, respectful towards one another, and warmly welcome everyone no matter their background or beliefs. We look forward to learning from each other and growing together.

We Keep It Real
We believe that it’s the simple things in life that count. At The White Ark, we focus on getting back to basics and keeping things real for our children through practical hands-on learning with natural materials and constant exposure to purposeful real-life experiences. Our curriculum is carefully crafted to ensure children are kept as grounded and wholesome as nature intended.

We Love Learning
Learning is a lifetime pursuit, a discipline and devotion which has the ability to change a child’s path for good. Here at The White Ark, we are passionate about education and inculcating the love of learning in our children as we recognize the huge impact it has on them.

We Encourage Imagination
Harnessing a child’s imagination is one of the most powerful tools in driving early childhood learning and development. The White Ark provides a beautiful and safe environment to stimulate, inspire and enlighten our children. We encourage imagination in everything that we do and delight in the freshness that comes from taking the child’s perspective. Enter our ELC and discover a world created with the child in mind; a canvas for creative exploration.

We Respect Our World
Just as we respect one another, we respect our community and the world around us. At The White Ark, we believe in raising a generation of children who are sensitive and compassionate, cherishing the given, nurturing resources and striving to eliminate wastefulness.